Renowned Acting Coach and Talent Manager Anthony Aibel assists actors and singers of advanced professional levels as well as those less experienced, helping them advance in their television, film, and theater goals--getting them where they want and need to be. Aibel Master Classes & One-on-Ones provide the personalized training you need (he has 30 years acting & singing coaching experience and won the Juilliard Award for his educational work). Anthony Aibel is offering master classes in NYC and to Worldwide Actors Online. His Actors have appeared on all major TV networks and in major films (see below)*


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Reviews & Success Stories of those who've studied w/Anthony Aibel


Kareem Ghaleb (preps with Anthony Aibel) recently booked a co-star role on CBS's 'FBI'.


After working with Anthony Aibel for just four months, Keith Nelson signed with a major agency.


Julia Roome (works w/Aibel) signed with a top talent agency and started booking after studying with him for just 6 months. She was an acting beginner when she started w/Anthony Aibel.

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Chris Lazzaro (works w/Aibel) booked a co-starring role on "Blue Bloods" on CBS

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"Meeting Anthony Aibel is a tremendous asset to my acting portfolio/career. Anthony has made me feel welcomed to the industry. He is great at putting you in the moment."
- Adrian DeClue

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"I highly recommend Aibel's Master Classes! Being new to acting, my daughter came away with so many helpful tools.There was a learning monument for everyone with each actor’s presentation."
- Marnie Black (Francesca Black’s mother)

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Sawyer Ploski (works with Anthony Aibel) recently booked a role in FBI, he also booked a role in TBS's Search Party. He was a beginner when he came to Anthony Aibel

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Jessica Cherniak booked a co-star role on CBS' "God Friended Me"

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Max MacKenzie booked a co-star role on "Law and Order: SVU" on NBC

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Jolie Rose Wasserman booked a role on "Gotham" on FOX

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Iphy Murphy booked a role on CBS' "Madam Secretary"

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“Anthony Aibel has a broad knowledge of acting both as a craft and as a business. He got me a meeting with my current manager and I signed.” 
-Jonathan Watts

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“The first self-tape I made with Anthony Aibel, I booked a leading role in a feature film. He then prepared me/arranged for a meeting with management, and I landed that too.”
-Sean Ian

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"Anthony Aibel is a genius, he’s wonderful, and I recommend him highly." 
-Tim Realbuto
Starred in "YES" with Nolan Gould from ABC'S "Modern Family"

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“My daughter worked with Aibel and then had a great workshop with a Disney Channel Rep. in town from L.A.; the coach remembered her from last summer and said she improved a lot since then!”
-Rimma Danov (Sienna Santangelo’s mother)

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"Anthony Aibel knows what he's doing and is amazing. My son Judah likes working with him because Anthony tells him the truth. Over time, my son's self- confidence has grown, and he was signed by a major talent agency."
- Rhonda Taylor. (Judah Taylor’s mother)

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"My daughter loved her video session with Anthony Aibel! So energized after working with him!  I've been very impressed at the improvement in her acting skills and at the expansion in her range." 
-Kathy Passero (Darby Dutter’s mother)


"Mr. Aibel's passion, knowledge, and skills have been invaluable in helping my daughter become a better actress. She leaves his sessions (in-person and skype) confident and ready to succeed. "
- Teresa Cantante (Emilie Cantante’s mother)

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"Working with Anthony Aibel was a great experience. He helped me explore the character I was working on, and introduced me to different techniques that have really improved my acting skills." 
-Teagan Hubbard


" amazing opportunity to network with talent agents and connect with other actors via Zoom. I have already seen growth in myself as an actor and in my confidence as a person by participating"
-Sarah Brausch



is a talent manager, music director and producer listed by wiki editors in Wikipedia. He is one of the most sought-after acting coaches in the world, directing worldwide online master classes, as well as those in New York. In his master classes, he shares his acting, audition, cold-read, and on-camera techniques, as well as career, resume and reel advice with talented actors. Anthony Aibel is in great demand by professional actors and singers worldwide who want and need preparation for various auditions. He studied at Juilliard--where he later won a special award for his educational work--and since then has helped many actors land roles on major networks like
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